We would like to thank all of our amazing customers, those who have been coming to us for years to those who are trying us for the first time. We are here for you, because you are here for us. We hope to continue to serve you, and we thank you for all your continued support.


At MANDI, our vision is to be the highest rated restaurant in the area. Our goal is to become an integral part of the community around us and to provide an unparalleled guest experience to all who visit our restaurant. We strive to build a loyal staff that runs on teamwork and is made up of dedicated individuals who work together as one family to achieve our goal.


To become the highest rated restaurant in the area, we must accomplish three things:

  • A level of customer service that is rarely reached in a restaurant setting and that a guest may never have experienced before

  • Unwavering quality of food

  • A warm, inviting, and approachable atmosphere where a guest feels truly valued

At MANDI, we will work together as a family to accomplish our mission. We will hold each other accountable to ensure that we achieve these goals.